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Worried Father and ex husband

Dear Drs, first of alla thanks for the help to al the people in the forum, and sorry about my grammar, I`m from south america and english is not my first lenguage. this is my case.

Òn late febrary mi wife and I dicided to divorce, I was so depresed and went to my friends to a sanity contoled prostitute club, we look for some girls and took them with us to my friends house, while in the house the girl made a strip show for me and I brevely kissed her niples (no milk visible), touch her body and brevely about 3 or 4 seconds i touched her vagina (she was with a very amall nylon tong) no fingering just with my fingers over the tong in her vagina area, I didnt had any vissible cuts on my fingers jus an overcut nail,  just after this she tried to kiss me, I closed my lips and went to the bathroom washed my hands with soap and alcohol (whe i wash with alcohol my overcut nail hurted, and washed my mouth with listerine, after this we got naked into the hot tub she was massaging my shoulders, so I did with her sholders, she sat on my legs but i didnt have and erection netheir was a penetration, this was for just a few minutes, i had a few mosquito bite on my legs and torso, but I didnt saw any bleeding cut on her body, finally she wanted to have sex, but i refused, and ask her to make another strip show while I masturbate myself, after a minutes since I couldnt finish she put a condom on me and while I was masturbating with the condom all the way to the bottom of my penis she kissed and suked just the head of my penis when I ejaculated  I went to the bathroom and check the condom filled with water and it was perfect with no leaks or borken, after this I washed my hands again with alcohol and soap and my penis with water,

Finally I took her to her home, leave her there and went to sleep, this was the 28 of february, after this I felt guilty and my depression got worst, 14 days later while playing with my son we scrached my face, no blood visible, and he touched a 1 day old shaving cut on my face, I inmidiatly washed his hands with alcohol and water, in that moment I felt like i was going to die just by thiking I could have transmited hiv to my son, so I went and took an immunochromatographic cartridge test 2 weeks after the exposure, it was negative, Know after seeing the dark side of my life, I realized that the problems i had with my wife where insignificant and that the divorce id not the best solution, so things are improving between us, but since Im worried of having HIV since the prostitue exposure, I dont feel confident to go back home and return to my normal life, I will have another test this friday already apointed, whit this 4 week test if is negative, can I be sure not to be hiv and go back home, or should I wait to the 6 or 12 week test.

Thanks for your time and help, I hope it wasnt to long to read.
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This is not the doctors forum. If you would like for a drs to answer your questions you'll need to post in their forum. "Related Expert Forums"-Hiv Prevention.
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