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Worried about delayed seroconversion

I had an low risk exposure through frot with genital rubbing 62 days ago. I've been having some ARS symptoms,but mostly kidney (HIVAN?) Symptoms. These make me worry I may have delayed seroconversion and delayed antibody development. I've read this has happened in the past.
I just tested negative with a 3rd generation home blood drop test. Is this conclusive?
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You weren't at risk for transmission. Testing wasn't necessary. Please see a doctor for your ailments, they are unspecific to HIV.
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Thank you for your response. I only ask because I was advised that since there were precum and cum involved that may have been rubbed into my urethra through "wet humping" that there was a low to negligible risk. I am seeking medical diagnosis for a kidney infection, but no bacterial cause has been found yet. Thank you again. I'm relatively confident in the 3rd gen test and low risk.
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I agree completely that this was of no risk for HIV.  Wet humping as you call it will not transmit the virus. There has to be penetration of either the anus or the vagina.  So, with no risk, you need not test again or worry.  You do not have HIV.
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Thank you for your response. I have been told it was a negligible risk. I just want to be sure that even with only a hypothetical risk, the 3rd gen antibody test at 8 to 9 weeks is conclusive. You have brought me more peace of mind. Now to figure out what truly is causing my symptoms which are very alarming.
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If your symptoms were in any way related to HIV, you would've tested positive. The HIV experts who used to post here have repeatedly said that it's literally not scientifically possible to test negative on an HIV test if you are having actual true HIV symptoms. So if you are having some kind of "concerning" symptoms and you test negative for HIV with any HIV test, you can rule out HIV as a cause from your negative test results.
The link I provided explains a case which contradicts what you just posted. I still feel more confident than not that I'm HIV free, but it is still scary given that case. There are more similar cases.
You can find articles saying all kinds of things about anything. That doesn't change the fact that you had no risk in the first place. Which means that ALL of this irrational anxiety is for nothing.
People write many things on the internet and it is not proven.  The proving part comes when a doctor confirms that YES, that happened.  Doctors that are specialist in the field agree you had no risk. You'll have to try to move past this or do something about your anxiety.  
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