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Worried to die

Hi i had broken condom vaginal sex. İ changed confdom. And 3 and 11 weeks after i have magetive results. With 4th genaration yest dou

Still got some symptoms   İts 16 weeks now pleae advise. Dont angry with me asking again but its really importent.  Please
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YES,ofcourse they are.Just relax.
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Stress is actually a dominant factor in development of symptoms. Especially those prone to anxiety disorder.

I have come accross people with nearly EVERY sign of acute HIV infection/ARS post exposure, some with people they actually KNEW were HIV+, and guess what - they were negative - this goes to show that symptoms alone cannot be a form of diagnosis and that testing alone is the only thing that will give you your answer.

I think you have already got your answer.

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From ur experience what would it be the main symptoms after risk
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Very sore throat,very high fever and rash on trunk--torso and limbs.
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How long high fewer shows and where would that be on body?
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2 to 4 weeks after infection.Forget about symptoms and take the test.
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