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are my tests conclusive?

hi doctors, back in 30/sep i had a sex with women from anal and after the sex i saw couple of her blood on my pen1s and i didn’t really cared about it till later i found out she is HIV and HEP C positive and i am so terrified i did 3 tests about HIV
combo 4th generation 60 days ( negative )
combo 4th generation 72 days ( negative )
HIV rapid antibody 79 days ( negative )
HIV rapid antibody 84 days ( negative )
HIV RNA PCR 60 days ( negative )
and i can’t sleep after hearing that HEP C effects hiv tests
is that true ? is it true having hepatitis C will effect the hiv tests and prolong the window period to 6-12month ?
please help me thank you
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You don't have HIV. Your tests are conclusive. You say SHE has Hep C, not you.  Think about that and you 'll realize your question doesn't really make sense.  But regardless, even if you were yourself hep C positive, your tests are conclusive.  
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i saw couple websites saying hepatitis c delays hiv window period that scared me because hepatitis c tests only conclusive after 24 weeks and it’s only been 13 weeks and i don’t know my status
that’s why i was scared and thought my hiv tests aren’t conclusive. thanks you for your help
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if there is any chances i got Hepatitis c with HIV at same time does it effect the HIV window period ?
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were you here before under a different name?
what do you mean ?
I just thought you'd been on the forum and posted about this previously perhaps.
no this is first time, i saw this website from quaro and i thought maybe you guys could help me with my problem
Okay, well. The answer doesn't change that you do not have HIV and your tests are conclusive.  If you had sex with someone unprotected that has hep C,  that is different than you have hep c altering your test results (which it doesn't, by the way). Hep C is a non factor in diagnosing HIV. If you fear you have hep c now (rare to get it through intercourse), then take a test.
It's actually the other way around, IF you had HIV before sex with this person you'd be more likley to get HEP C. You have it all twisted though.  You are negative for HIV, that's the point of this forum.  Your tests are conclusive.  
thanks i asked the lab who did HCV rna test and they said their pt-rna is the most accurate test available it can detect as low as 4 IU/mL and i don’t think a test after 35 days won’t find any viruses if it’s available in body, and my RNA HIV test was after 60 days and came back not detected with all other tests i did, i finally can move on. thanks for all the helps
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