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first week hiv symptoms

My user name is paranoid for a reason.  I was ata hospital almost 2 weeks ago and was afraid that my doctor didn't change his gloves from another child delivery.  He came int deliver for me and I became paranoid as always a few days later that my doctors weren't clean about there work.  I don't trust people.  Anyway.  Since I delevered I had diarrea and a sore throat on day 9.  It is now day 12, I do not have diarrea but still a bit of a sore throat and plugged nose.  Are these signs of HIV infection.  What are the early signs.  (I am very afraid of HIV contact even when no risk and have seen therapists for this.)
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hiv is transmitted through...

unprotected vaginal/anal intercourse
sharing of iv drug works
mother to child

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Please visit the OCD forum.
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