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hiv risk,menstrual blood inside condom,flaccid penis.

hello hiv experts,i have some fears about my last exposure,son if anybody can help with this.

i received unprotected oral sex with girl,a nd protected vaginal sex,
after intercourse started i noticed that she is start her period, my penis was flaccid but condom is on all the time( all time i hold condom base with my hand) ,i get hard again and continue sex for one minut,then i stopped.
i removed condom and check for any break ,or leak,but condom was intact and solid.
so my fear is ,after i removed condom i noticed some blood stains on surface of the condom,im not sure is that red spots are inside condom,but i think it was outside.. and my penis was flaccid but covered,can blood flow somehow inside condom.
is my exposure risk free or i need testing?
thank very much for any response and Reassurance..
pls advice if i need wait  for test. or i can go on with my life.
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Nothing can crawl up under the ring, otherwise if the condom was that loose it would fall off.
Obviously the blood was not inside the condom.
Move on, and perhaps seek therapy because you have a few fears after protected sex.
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I educate myself about hiv ,but i never had sex while women have period..
So this is considered as protected sex and dont need testing?  In case that blood maybe got on my uncovered penis skin?
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Reread about nothing. Only sex risk is unprotected vaginal or anal and only the penis head needs to be covered.
hiv is dead in air so the rest of your fears are not valid..
Thanks ,your comments helped!
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