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hiv symptoms

what if the person having hiv like symptoms. At the time if person having hiv like symptoms, will the antibody test be +ev if person has real hiv infections ?

Or symptoms cannot come without tests getting positive ?

what's the dependency between tests positive and symptoms started ?

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Up to 40% of those infected do not show symptoms, a HIV anti-body test can only be considered conclusive when conducted 12 weeks post exposure.
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But my original question was unanswered. If you have real hiv symptoms will the test be +ev ?

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Not necessarily, it  takes time for the body to have detectable antibodies for the tests to detect.
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Jef21 you have a post and need to ask any follow up questions in that post, you have been informed that you did not have a risk... STDs/HIV do not always have symptoms and you can not rely on them; if every one depended on symptoms then most would never know they had an STD/HIV ect.
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