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hiv test results

I went for an hiv blood test at an hiv clinic in Atlanta. It was Monday. I was told that I would be called if anything was not normal. They told me that the tests usually took about 3-4 days to come back in. Friday of that week came and I heard nothing from the clinic, so in desperation, i called them. The nurse told me that the doctor reviews the tests first and then if anything was wrong that a nurse would call. I asked her if she could check for my hiv test results and she asked for my last name and then she said that my test results came back negative(non reactive). and that the viral load was under 1/ undetectable. That part confused me. I guess what i'm trying to ask is, what are the chances that she read me someone else's test results. There were other test results that she gave me that i had specifically asked for and they seemed right..But just wondering if she could of given me someone elses test results.
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Did you even have an exposure?
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I did back in January.
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And you exposure was?
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the guy i was with inserted his penis in my anus without ejaculation for less than a minute. I tested for this exposure about almost three weeks ago. He told me he was hiv positive after the exposure. but i tested negative according to my test.
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Then you don't have HIV, you have a conclusive negative test result.
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I understand that, but what i don't understand is that he told me everyone he was with also tested negative, so he said someone is lying to him. I always get paranoid as do millions of people over HIV. Are there any recorded time when a nurse reads you someone else's HIV test results accident?
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Whoa there buddy! You're way overthinking it . The proceedures in place are extremely rigoruos .
You dodged the bullet this time.
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If you understand then why do you continue to post? You don't have HIV so accept it and move along.
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