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hiv test

Hi doctor I had unprotected sex with [email protected] 17 may and I made hiv test. In. 18 may next day for her I was negative and I made test for me after four week it was negative also after I made for her after one month @ 18 june and negative also.  Both of us negative after four week.Do I need to do test again ?
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3 months post exposure is conclusive.

a duo a 4 weeks OR an antibody test at 6-8 weeks will give you a very good "indication" of your status.
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I did antibody test after 4 week for me and her.  Both are negative . Moreover. She did test three month befor
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I did antibody test after 4 week for me and her. Both are negative . Moreover. She did test three month befor
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Do I need more test?
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Lizzie already explained how testing works.

The official guidelines state that 3 months is conclusive...therefore, take another test at 3 months for your final result.  A negative test at 4 weeks is reassuring.  No need to keep testing your partner.  YOUR test result is what matters.
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You should have had a DUO at 4 weeks--it's 99.89% accurate at this time.
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He already HAD a test at 4 weeks.
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I know and it was the wrong one.
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There is no such thing as a "wrong" test, the duo is just your preference.
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The DUO is set for 4 weeks because that's when it's most reliable.It's not my preference,it's the preference of HIV experts.
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OK, and if the DUO isn't available (like it isn't for most of the US), is the antibody test the WRONG test at 4 weeks?  NO.

Again, it's your preference, and the only test you pretty much recommend.
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That's not my fault it's not readily avaliable in the USA,it is in most other countries because of the benefits,accuracy & fast results.An antibody test at 4 weeks is only 90% accurate--add the p24 component and it becomes over 99% accurate,there is a big difference.Dr Handsfield--'' the DUO is the test of choise in many countries''--''I hope it will be oneday in the US aswell''.
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You know that wasn't my point.  I'm trying to say that the statement  "it's the wrong test" is not accurate.  
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It's not worth the money when you can obtain 3 antibody test for less that the DUO.
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That too, Teak, but like I said...it's just not right to say, because the OP didn't have a duo, that it was the wrong test.  That's misleading and certainly not helpful to someone who may not have access to the duo.
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The DUO was specifically designed to use between week 1 to week 4 post--exposure,it has no benefit after week 4 so it is the correct test to use.It's the same as the PCR tests,if someone has the DNA rather than the RNA then they have had the wrong test--there is nothing wrong with telling someone that.
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There are no advantages, for the price of the test.  
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It's NOT the "correct" test if the test available and the test of choice for an area or clinic is a different test.  You make statements as if it's the law, and that is simply not the case.  The "test of choice" may be the duo where you are, but that's NOT the case here, whether you agree with it or not.  It's a matter of OPINION.  

Also, if it has no benefit after week 4, why do you consistently recommend it after the 4th week?
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Everyone has had opportunity to voice their opinions, and the original poster seeking support has gotten many replies to his original question.  In order to remain on topic the thread has been closed.  

                             ~*~*~*  THREAD CLOSED ~*~*~*
                        Please, no more posts below this comment.
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