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late seroconversion?

I had sex with a sex worker but I used condom. Some days later I noticed two little scrachtes at the base of my penis. I am concerned about the possibility of they were not covered by condom. So I tested PCR Quantitative For HIV 13 days later and it was ok. 43 days after this exposure I tested again (3rd generation HIV 1 & 2) and 59 days I tested again (4th generation test). They all were negative. But 5 days ago I had fever (38,5ºC) and yesterday again (39ºC). I have some problemes with Diarrheya too. These problemes began at 9 weeks after the risk situation and come again at 10 weeks after the risk situation. So I am afraid that it can be late seroconversion. What do you think? I'm scared.

The 4th generation test can find p24. But I tested 59 days after the risk situation. Is it reliable? Let's suppose I am positive, the test could find the p24 antigen if I had not developed yet the antibody for hiv?

Please, help me.
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You never had an exposure.
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Thank you, Teak. But if it was an exposure, should these informations make you infer that what is happening to me is late seroconversion?
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There are no "what its."
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I appreciate your answer and I do not doubt about your expertise, Teak. I'm just afraid because I keep thinking I can be one of those rare cases. I'm afraid I have been infected by the experience I related although you probably never know any similar case. But if I'm the rare case, what is happening to me can be considered ARS?

Let's suppose I am through ARS symptoms now, at 10 weeks after the risk situation. The 4th generation test at 8 weeks would not have find the antibodies, but it would have find the p24 antigens?

Please, just answer this question. I really wanna know that.
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I really NEED to know that
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There is a very small percentage of the population that are recommended to test to 6 months post exposure.  These are people with severely compromised immune systems, such as....chemo patients, people taking anti rejection meds after an organ transplant, chronic IV drug abusers, people with certain kinds of (terminal end stage) cancers.  Even THOSE people almost always test + within the 3 month window period.  The 6 month recommendation is just a conservative precaution to allow those people ample time to produce detectable antibodies.

Therefore, a person with a risk (which would not be you, you never were at risk)...3 months is always conclusive, with the vast majority of newly infected people testing + well before the 3 month mark, thanks to the newer more sensitive HIV tests.

You didn't have a risk, you didn't require testing.  Put this behind you.
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ok. thank so much
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nursegirl, i thank you but i think you did not answer my question.
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I'm not sure what is unclear to you at this point.  Your testing questions are irrelevant because you never had a risk!

It would be like a virgin asking questions about a pregnancy test.

If you HAD had a risk, I would have recommended an antibody test at 3 months post exposure.  Any negative test result along the way is good, but when one has a risk, the guidelines are that a conclusive result can be obtained at 3 months.

I don't have anything else to add...you didn't have a risk, it is as simple as that.  You shouldn't be thinking about HIV anymore.
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ok. I will try to forget and move on even feelling seek. thaks again
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I just got another lab test. I was in the hospital yesterday because I had the sympthoms I told you. The doctor ordered a CBC. I got the results through internet now and there is something which is driving me crazi: 10 % of atypical lymphocytes. This can be a sign that I'm through the seroconversion?
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Please, I really need someone who can give a right answer to my question. I do not need someone who tell me I had no risk. I am completelly desperate. Please. I need an answer specific.

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Thank you Teak
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