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non reactive?

I went to go pick up my records today and it says hiv 1/2 ela antibody non reactive is that the accurate test? The nurse told me if I want a more extensive test I should go get the HIV DNA/RNA test Im confused  
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You're conclusively negative. Apparently the nurse doesn't know what she was talking about. Dna tests are not diagnostic tests and RNA tests are supplemental test that are given before an antibody test. You do not need further test.
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Thank you. I just wanted to say I think it is really good of you to help people on here I know a lot of people are scared and you ease their minds. Thank you for helping
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You are negative on this test and in general as long as it was after 90 day window.  You will notice if you have your physical results most labs say a non-ractive HIV 1/2 antibody result does not exclude HIV infection since the time frame for seroconversion is variable.  The reason they say this is they have no clue at the lab when you had your risk and many people themselves do not know this either.  if you do ........90 days after a negative test is conclusive anything before that is reassuring but not conclusive.  All the best
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