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anyone on here experience a rash 3 weeks post exposure , on hands, arms, front of shoulder, anywhere really and then end up testing negative? most of mine come and go, one yesterday was some spread out dots on wrist.
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Symptoms are not used to identify HIV if you had one of the following risks:
Unprotected vaginal/anal sex
Shared needles

Then you need to test at 12 weeks for a conclusive result (you can test at 6 weeks and be fairly certain that the result will not change)

If you did not have any of the above mentioned risks, you are safe from HIV and can move on
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there are 994 things that can cause an arm rash OR diarreah

there is ONE thing that can cause BOTH. hiv/aids.....
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That is not a great website, you can easily come to a HIV conclusion by putting in a number of symptoms, ars is typically more flu like, did you have a risk of HIV?
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"there is ONE thing that can cause BOTH. hiv/aids....."

WRONG ! ! ! ! !
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yes brief unprotected with csw. no fever yet, once that pops im donezo.
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you have been advised of your risk.  if you lost the condom during sex...it was a brief unprotected exposure.  if it came off during withdrawal (which you would have known since it more than likely would have been hanging out of her vagina)...then you were protected during intercourse.

continuing to dwell on what you perceive to be "signs and symptoms" of hiv...does NotHING but add fuel to the fire of your anxiety.

the ONLY way to know if you have hiv is by testing.  wait the appropriate time...test...and come back and let us know the results.
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