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dear experts. iam seeking help please. i feel my self i had an exposure with a prostitute  around 4 months ago . no oral sex . i had a protected vaginal sex , i ejaculated first time , here comes what is letting me anxious after my first ejaculation she  jerked my ***** and i did not check if she had a cut on her hand ,and then i had the second vaginal ejaculation which came after 20 to 25 min .lets suppose she had contracted hiv a 1 month before during this time it's very highly concentrated in her body ?after around 3 weeks i had a flu . pain in my legs hands neck , i had muscle spasms and till now it goes and comes , i always have blocked nose when i sleep , and i had a dry cough , i feel my lymph nodes  swollen having pain under my armpits , i see my tongue having a white coating, iam getting pimples with white heads in my face , and alittle in my shoulder. i never slept or woke up relaxed . i had 3 tests. 1: HIV1, HIV2 antibody test 4 weeks after exposure 2: same test 8 weeks after exposure 3: 12 weeks and 4days again same. tests  all came to be negative i dont know whats going on with me i really dont know what to do . i hope you can help me . sorry for my long story , but this story is killing me day after day . what could all these things be?? do i still have to worry and have the 6 months test i forgot to add i am getting lots of sweats under my armpits even if i feel cold , also cold hands and legs.
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still waiting help
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You had protected sex from what I read...no risk. Being masterbated is not a risk.
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What are these symptoms then ? Never had them before
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See a Dr for your symptoms. Not HIV from protected sex or being masterbated.
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ok thanks for you help . 1 last thing: will anxiety cause such things ? or will it make problems that can lead to such things? do i need to test at 6 months period?
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sorry forgot to add: why do i hear lots of  people and doctors say that there is still risk in having a protected sex? even if it didn't break , its not 100% safe so not sure about this.
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