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tonsilitis after unprotected anal sex

me ano receptive homosexual man
i have 4 permanent and reliable(?) male partners since 3 years
i have had sex with them ... i suck penis of all without condom and get inside my anal with condom
in this 3 years i get tested for hiv 3 times and negative all time
but 2 week back i got in anal without condom from one guy who is most reliable( i think so)
but 2 weeks after i developed high grade fever for a day, tonsillitis, no skin rashes, no any lymph node enlargement , but blood picture show netrophilia and total wbc around 11700
me afraid, am i get infected from hiv?
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a one day fever is not indicative of ars.

symptoms dont diagnose hiv...only a test done 3 months post exposure will tell one's status.
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thanks for quick reply
i respond quickly on antibiotics and fever subside on very second day
also tonsillitis on healing side
but mouth ulcer since a week is same
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you could list 10 symptoms and i'd still tell you the same.

symptoms dont diagnose hiv.  why?  the symptoms of early infection are the same symptoms of many common, everyday illnesses.  the only way someone knows that that did indeed experience ars symptoms is when they test positive.
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sorry to disturb u again again
but i have heard about the tried- high grade fever, sore throat and skin rashes
but i dont have any type of rash on my skin
pls sir, me very anxious ...
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Symptoms or the lack of will not tell you your status. As you have already been advised, testing is the only way to know your status.
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