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very worried have a sore throat.

I recieved unprotected oral sex and anilingus thrice from a sex worker with mouth sores about 2 weeks back and yesterday out of the blue i woke up with a sore throat and tiredness. you say i never had a risk, now after exactly 2 weeks from it i am experiencing likely symptoms please help. first, the sore throat; its day 2 and it has still not gone, its the second day and i've been sneezing every now and then. i feel a lil itchy too. i checked my temp it was around 99. i feel malaise and tiredness and have a runny nose and have had chills and have been feeling nauseatic with some nasal blockage.also some muscle ache. are u still certain that after all these symptoms i dont have any risk whatsoever . im very worried as these are hiv symptoms. a lil detailed explanation will be highly appreciated.
PS- please let me know if i should get tested at 3 months or not. thank u very much.
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just scared cuz the symptoms are very similar and came by themselves. im only 20 right now.thnx for ur help
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Dude get over it. You are fine, at least in regard to HIV. You might have gotten sick from driving yourself crazy over this.  You do not need to get tested...chill.
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i feel tiredness and soreness in my throat as i type this. dunno if TEAK AND LIZZIE are also on the same page on this. thanx for ur reply though it was very helpful. would appreciate if either Teak or LIZZIE could also give their one final thought on this. thanx so much guys
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Somebody can correct me if I am wrong, but I believe there are no proven situations where HIV has ever been transmitted through oral sex.  Theoretically it is supposedly possible, but again it has never been proven.  Given that scenario, the odds are so astronomically low, as to be almost incalculable.  So that is why people say you are worried over nothing.  You had about as close to zero risk as possible.  Stop symptom surfing, symptoms never indicate anything you are fine.
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You were never at risk of contracting HIV from oral sex.
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thank u all
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