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what is your opinion?

Hello, I am from Iran. I had some unprotected relationships. I said, 68 days after the last trial of the combi pt ecl trial, and the negative one, the AIDS center tells me because I have had a lot of relationships, there is a risk of developing a hepatitis virus and an AIDS virus, and an antibody after Six months have been generated and you have to wait up to six months, now I have a question. Are they right, and I have to wait until 6 months and try again, or my trial is definitive after 68 days and I have no AIDS?
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You have posted about this in the Hep forum. You were told a few times that the HIV combi test was conclusive after 4 weeks. This is an HIV forum and you do not have HIV so you need to move on from HIV fears.

I have no idea what you are trying to say in your second line which consists of 65 words and is not a sentence. However it is irrelevant since you tested conclusively negative for HIV.
So the hepatitis virus does not affect the Hiv test, right?
You were told that on the hep forum.
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Does not affect
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Hi, I'm from iran,
Mituni bem massage bedi, man koli tajrobe daram
salam khobi ,are mamnon misham rahnamayim koni.
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Your negative HIV test at 68 days post your last exposure was conclusive. You do not need to test out till 6 months, any one suggesting you that is giving you outdated information.

Also,  Hepatitis virus wouldn't interfere with HIV test result.
Thank you so much, I'm so crazy.
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