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A fib and diabetes insidpidus

I have been diagnosed with a fib, several years ago and am taking meds (beta blocker and antiarrhythmic, coumadin) I had a PVI 18 months ago and initially the frqency and duration of episodes diminished but never disappeared. recently, I was diagnosed with diabetes insipidus and have a fib episodes of increasing frequency (almost daily0 and duration (3-8 hours). Can there be a relationship between the tow (a fib and diabetes insipidus?) I am 50 years old and otherwise healthy, exercise regularly, eat well. Any info out there? MBB1
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I also have diabetes insipidus, and am taking a pill call dessomopression.I am chronically thirsty,its rare I have had it for2/yrs now doctors really don't have answers on how to treat it.
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Diabetes insipidus can cause dehydration and electrolyte imbalances. Proper electrolyte balance is important to nerve and muscle (for instance cardiac muscle)  function. I got  AF in 2010, when I was dehydrated due to warm weather and had not drunk enough water. I have diagnosed that I have periods of mild diabetes insipidus (may make me apt to AF). During such periods I have polyuria, high serum osmolality and high serum Na+. My antidiuretic hormone decreses during water deprivation, although it should instead increase.  Doctors do not agree that I have DI.
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