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Atenolol vs metoprolol

I have been on atenolol for 4 years now. Recently found out that I do not have mitral valve prolapse but I do have some premature beats that are causing my increased heart rates. Because of trying to become pregnant my doctor wanted me off of the Atenolol and on a safer medication. Though I do not have any specific problem requiring medication I do feel better on it than I do off. I do not like the palpitations and raised heart rate that I get off of my medication. Anyways, she wants me on metoprolol tartrate. Because I have been on the atenolol for 4 years I have concerns. Will this medication treat me the same as the atenolol. Is there a posibility of not being able to take this medication. Does it have the same action as the atenolol? I appreciate and thank whatever answers I can get. Right now I am trying to lower myself off the atenolol. Taking a half every other night. Tonight will be my 2nd night. I am just concerned with changing over. Worried about a reaction and how I will feel. Thank you.
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googled atenolol vs metoprolol = http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1498463
If you have concerns one of the best to ask is your pharmacist.
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I have been taking metoprolol . Started about 7 years ago.100 mg /day Never had any problem. Never had experience with atenolol.
I was taking coreg before metopolol for a few months. Was told Metoprolol is the best for the long run.
Good luck to you!
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Thank you both for your responses.
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