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Daily heart palpitations?

Hi,2 months ago I started experiencing heavy heart palpitations along with chest pain, dizziness, short of breath, lightheadedness. Went to the ER everything came back normal. Went to a cardiologist, everything they did was normal (heart monitor, echo,ekg) I have a healthy heart. The only thing off was my thyroid, creatine was a bit high and glucose levels were in prediabete level. I was put on bisoprolol for my heart, Levothyroxine for my thyroid. Fast forward 2 months everything is still very symptomatic, heart palpitations all day long and just an over whelming feeling of being fatigued and unwell. I don’t have anxiety, but I’ve still been having the same symptoms plus tingly hands and feet. Does anyone know what this could be? Or how I should even proceed next?? Thanks
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Also! Edit:33 F generally healthy, active
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Another edit.... I’ve been sucked into reading everything about the heart palpitations on this forum!! We are not crazy. I sound a lot like everyone else, except the dizzy/chest pains/ lightheaded/ short of breath thing. I was wondering if anyone else experiences that along with the PVCs with”normal” test results??
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Right heart cath done?
Chest ct/cta?
Cardiac mri?
Echo with bubble?
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Have your veins checked for the numb an tingly feeling. Ask about svt or pots syndrome.. have you had an echo with a bubble done?
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