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26 Year old male


high blood pressure , very overwieght.

I have been having episdoes for past 2 weeks where it feels like my heart stops for a second and then restarts like it gets blocked ect, I once has a oximeter on my finger and when I had that episode happen I seen the waves going from up and down to flat until the sensation I was feeling went away.

Today woke up with heavy chest feeling and tightness, so went to A and E where they did an ecg and it showed the following.

Doctor in a and e said it was normal report but I fail to understand how when it said all this?

P 72 PR 98MS QRS 98MS QT 98 P/QRS/T 338/439


short pr interveal

Interior infarct

Borderaline high QRS voltage

Link to ECG below

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Sorry for your issues, you need to trust your doctor as there are normal variants to the things you posted. The only one that would peak my interest would be an inferior infarct which is when you have a small area of the heart that has limited blood flow but even that can be false. These EKG's are read by the computer and are confirmed by a cardiologist as yours was based on the initials on the report which even reads NORMAL ECG REPORT. It is not unusual for a doctor to over ride the machine results. If you are concerned you can always get a second opinion. Good luck.
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