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EKG possible hypertrophy in 38 yr. old

My 38 yr. old physically fit, normal weight, cardio and wight lifting, motorcross racing husband has been short of breath for a few years.  This has not actually been diagnosed as asthma, but he takes singulair and albuterol prn.  It tends to be seasonal or related to air quality.  Additionally, blood pressure has been in the 140's/80's.  So not extremely high.  He also takes weight lifting supplements (no steroids).  The PMD did an EKG to be sure and found something needing further testing (did not say what).  We then saw a cardiologist and the repeat EKG showed possible hypertrophy and/or enlarged heart.  No murmur, no CHF.  No symptoms of chest pain.  We have had a chest film and labs and will be going for an echo and possible stress test.  My question is what is the accuracy of this type of finding on EKG?  Could 20 years of weight training cause this or would the asthma be a more likely cause?
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Please have your husband checked out by a cardiologist for HCM or HoCM.  This involves an ECHO. While an enlarged heart may be due to years of weightlifting, HCM is now known to be found in 1/500 and most of us with HCM have been diagnosed incorrectly as having exercise induced asthma. HCM is the # 1 leading cause of Sudden Cardiac Death among young athletes.
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what is HCM?  Thank you for your assistance!
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HCM is Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, A thickening of heart muscle usually seen in the left ventricle.
Athletes heart is another reason for hypertrophy or enlarged heart.  This is seen in a lot of long distance runners.
High BP can cause the heart muscle to Hypertrophy.

A EKG is not always that accurate, I agree with mbcube an Echo Cardiogram would be a better test.
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