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EKG results very scared doctor didn’t even tell me

Last weekend I went to the hospital my asthma was bad due to a scented cancel usually it’s not bad. I took albuterol more than I should have then read that’s not safe. Went to ER

They had me take fluids and did an EKG they said sinus all good gave me something did the shakes from taking too much albuterol

Today I see on my health portable that my results actually said
Sinus Rhythm
Left Atrial Enlargement
Right Bundle Block

I’m a 37 year old female have an 8 year old child I cannot die :-(

I’m so scared my anxiety is through the roof

I have a call into my doctors haven’t heard back yet

I feel like I have a death sentence or something bad happened to cause this. I had an EKG in 2019 with no findings
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Sinus rhythm is normal and a right bundle branch block is benign if there's no underlying  or previous heart disease. Left atrial enlargement is usually due to high blood pressure and is fairly common, I've had it on my EKG's for 3 decades. Only really a problem if severely enlarged, you should ask your doctor but since they did not mention it to you I'm guessing its within a normal variant. Make sure you ask your doctor so you can get some peace of mind, I am not a doctor only sharing what I've been told.
Thank you. My doctor got back to me and figured it’s not anything bad however where I freaked out he ordered and echo so I can calm down and he can see if anything is actually wrong
But thank you so much for sharing it makes me feel more normal my blood pressure goes from normal to high because I get very worked up. Slightly over weight since the pandemic hit too
They have me scheduled this Tuesday for an echocardiogram scared they will find even more wrong. Will update
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Here are the numbers
Rate 113
Pr 166
QRSD 126
QT 363
QTc 498

P 72
QRS 75
T 37
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Sorry right Bundle branch  block
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