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Grossly enlarged heart

My 53 yr old brother was admitted to the CCU with 277 heart rate May 20th.  We were told his heart was functioning at 15%.  After catheterization, dr. said his heart was great inside but that it was grossly enlarged, "about the size of a cow's heart".   Because he was out of rhythm, they also performed an ablation which was successful.  He also had chest tubes in and lost 40 lbs during the 2 weeks he was in the CCU.    He is now home, but because he lives alone, he wears a LifeVest defibrillator.  He needs to lose weight, he is approx 230 lbs and is 5'9''.  He sleeps well, but is very fatigued after about 4 hours awake.  His other organs are great, his heart rate is back to normal, but where do we go from here?  His line of work was welding in a heavy machine shop in Florida.  I live in New York.  What questions should we be asking his cardiologist.  I know his condition is very serious and I want to help him.  
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Usually a heart will recover if enlarged by rhythm issues, so long as the cause is dealt with. One report I read about a patient had an EF of 15%. Ablation cured the rhythm issues and 6 months later his EF was 60%.
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Thank you!  I will find out what the underlying causes are so we can deal with them, but you have certainly given us hope!
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