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I am 72 year old choronic diabties patient.  My Echo test shows "severe hypokinesia of apical and mid anterior wall" as well as "akinesia of apical and mid septum, apex".  Can the same be treated by way of medicines or surgery is the only option available
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Hypokinesis is an impairment of your heart's wall movement and oftened can be revitalized with good blood flow to the heart cells in the area indicated.  Akinesia indicates heart cells are necrotic (dead) and there will be scar tissue that won't accept any electrical impulse to contract the heart chamber.  Both conditions will weakened the heart to pump normally.  The condition is usually the result of a prior heart attack.

Your echo should have provided an ejection fraction (EF) and that would indicate the amount of blood pumped with each heartbeat...normal is 50 to 70%.  

I had almost the same problem 7 years ago, but with medication my heart has returned to normal size and pumping normally.  Surgery is not an option...to revitalize necrotic heart cells requires stem cell implants, and that therapy isn't progressing very fast.  Medication can help by reducing the heart's workload, medication to increase contractions and maintain a good heart pace.

Thanks for sharing, and if you have any followup question you are welcome to follow-up.  Take care and I wish you well going forward.  

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