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Heart attack?

Hello and thanks for your support. My husband is 37 years old and suffers from dysautonomia. He had a bout of tachycardia with chest pain after a long walk. Being hard headed he declined going to ER. One month after symptoms a 2d echo with color doppler was nomal, as well as ekg's. Two months after symptoms a cardiac spect was also normal. BNP levels are normal but he still feels bad. Overnight  holter was also normal in
ER. Could he have suffered a heart attack anyway since troponin levels were never performed due to my husband's irresponsibiliy.
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Thanks for shedding some light.
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It would be unlikely that he had a heart attack and had that many normal test results that soon after. The SPECT tests would have indicated any areas where he had a lack of blood flow in his heart  due to blockages or damaged heart cell from a heart attack,. that test is between 85% to 90% accurate but has a specificity of 97% meaning it will find heart disease 97% of the time it is present. This does not mean he did not experience some angina, but his tests would make that unlikely as well, especially f he has not had a repeat.

He should see the ER if he experiences this type of pain with exertion again.

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