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My husband had quadruple bypass in 1999, everything seemed fine till this year.

He went in for 2 stents, came out with 4. When going in they tore the lining of the artery and had to put an extra stent in because they tore both locations. He was told he had to come back for another bypass surgery. When they took him in for bypass which he was in surgery 4 hours and they come out and say they could do nothing for him and sewed him back up after cracking his chest open for nothing, and removing the veins in his leg. Since that, 2 weeks later he developed fluid around his heart and was hospitalized for 3 days. Then this past week, 3 weeks later, he is admitted again. His BP was good but his pulse rate was hitting 100 plus.  After tests he has a blood cloth in his right lung.  Now he feels bad, dizzy, and does not want to do anything.  He has never had a heart attack, but his plumbing is all blocked up and he is running on 2 main arteries. What is his prognosis as he cannot have any more surgery because the first doctor in 1999 put the bypasses too low and they cannot put another in.  Because of the blood clot he cannot go do the therapy that would have generated collaterals over his heart and we were told that would help him. Now we are back at grouNd zero.  We don't know if we have any options or are we just bidding time????  Please help.  Depression is taking over.
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I can imagine that this is a depressing situation.
What did the doctors propose to get rid of the blood clot in his lungs? Is there hope that it will resolve with proper medication?
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Further, it is of course still short after the surgery. It will take much more time that the weeks that has passed till now, to recover from such an operation.

I assume that the major coronary problems were solved with the stents. It is impossible from here to say what his prognosis is. Of course they did not plan the bypass surgery for nothing. But you are right, collaterals may form when he is physical active.

I assume that his current problems are mainly due to the pulmonary embolism. When the blood flow through the lungs is restored, he will probably feel much better and will perhaps be able to resume physical activities.
So, resolving the blood clot seems to have the highest priority.

Try to stay positive, sometimes situations like this one suddenly take a turn in the good direction.

God bless,
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