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Life expectancy?

I recently married a man with severe heart disease.  He had his first heart attack at 49, second at 57, and third at 59.  He has had open heart bypass surgery.  He is not in good shape.  He continues to smoke, not eat healthy, is overweight and mostly sedentary.  Realistically, what can I expect for the future?  I feel he is not honest and doesn't want me to worry.  I'm afraid I may be a widow sooner, rather than later :(
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How old is he now?

Does he have a cardiologist? Would he be willing to let you attend an appointment with him?

No one can tell you exactly how long someone will live, but given his history, he certainly has high risk factors for another serious cardiac event.

The more heart attacks he has, the less likely he is to survive them. His cardiologist would be able to give you more specific information about his heart, though, and that would probably be more helpful than general info we can give you.

Wishing you both the best.
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