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Mystery heart problem with increasing side symptoms

I've had heart problems for nearly three years now (18 till 21). It started with a simple fast heart beat. On average it goes 110-200 BPM, even when I'm resting or sleeping. It's not connected to stress or physical activity but it's constant and it's been gradually getting worse. I now also experience pressure on the chest, feeling as if a hand is squeezing my heart, trembling arms and legs, shortness of breath, tiredness, sweating, being too hot, nausea and general malaise.
First the cardiologist prescribed 2.5mg of Bisoprolol. Then that was doubled to 5mg because the previous dose didn't work any more. Now they have doubled it again (10mg) because 5mg stopped working as well.
They've done echo's, EKG's, Holters, blood work and cycling tests. Structurally there seems nothing wrong with my heart.
It's becoming such a big part of my life to always feel sick and weak and to be depending on medication in order to function.
I've never gotten an answer as to what's wrong or what's causing this and just doubling my medication dose about once a year doesn't seem like a sustainable solution.
Anyone any idea what is going on and / or what future steps could be?
Thank you in advance.
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It was happened with me long time ago when I was 30 yo, I finished 1 bottle of red wine in night and and had to go ED with high heart beat, was 180.
Checked everything, was fine, presc. a beta blocker after 1 month dr stop to re presc.

He wrote a simple relax medicine (I cant remember now), was used about 2-3 years and when I was on holiday once, I realize I didn't take this relax medicine about 3 days.

Than I understood that everything was on my head rather than my heart. And stopped all medicine without any problem.

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Ask about svt
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Have you had a right heart cath?
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