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Possible heart problems?

Been to the ER a bunch times for chest pains and some shortness of breath. After probably the 4th visit they figured I just was suffering from bad anxiety, been seeing a psychiatrist about it to and it's been helping with anxiety problems along with some .5mg lorazapam.

Recently I been having this weird pain on my lower left chest area that's been weird, also sent me to the ER twice because it scared the crap out of me. Doctor told me that's it's possibly gastric related, maybe like heart-burn and possibly some other acid-refux type stuff. Basically it's a soft pain, very noticeable and sometimes it's sharp. Comes and goes, kinda pulsates for a little then gone, then maybe back again one minute later and it'll keep doing it ALL day. Lately it's been getting a little worse I think, or maybe it's in my head but still probably too early to tell. So far I've noticed it'll do it while moving and while resting, can't replicate by breathing in deep or moving my body in some weird shape. I have been experiencing some back pains here and there so don't know if that has anything to do with it either. Oh, and some heart palpitations.

I've attached a pic of where the main pain zone is to give you an idea.

I was told by the doctor to possibly see a cardiologist but I can't afford to see them and they want $300 for a check-up up front. The tests they did were a cat scan, x-ray, blood work, and EKG. Had me under monitoring for a bit too and nothing. I been taking some zantac/pepto too see if the pain goes away if it is gastric related but the frequency at which it comes and goes it hard to tell so far. Also, pain does occur even when I have taken my lorazapam.

Also, don't know if this is related or not but EVERY time I go to lay down I can feel my heart pounding away like crazy and then I have shortness of breath which I assume is triggered by anxiety since I instantly assume heart issues. Laying on my left side make it go hardcore pounding mode, right side not so much, laying on my back seems to make it feel better for a little bit.

Any ideas cause I'm going crazy here thinking I'm going to die by some freak of nature heart failure. Also if this helps, 24yrs old and a bit on the underweight side.
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It called “cardiac neurosis”. Look it up, thousands of pages you can read on-line. Sooner you believe it, sooner you will calm yourself down, and will not think a nonsense like you will die in heartfaliure.
Good luck to you!


  by CCF-M.D.-MJM , Nov 12, 2004 12:00AM
“I see anxiety about heart disease every day.  In fact, we probably see more people worried about heart disease or fearing problems they don’t have, than we do patients that actually have those problems.  Feel assured that you are not alone and are probably in the majority.  You have taken a big step, however, in realizing and accepting that your pain is not cardiac.  It takes people a long time and lots of worrying before they arrive at that point of accepting that is anxiety.”
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You really think so? I mean I can understand that a majority of worrying about it probably makes it worse but I've started having these at random, I keep thinking these doctors are missing something or their equipment isn't capable of finding my problem.

What makes it even worse is every time I get asked if I have a family history of heart problem, but it's kinda hard to know that if you don't know your family. What if they do have a history of heart problems and I don't know. Does something like that help the doctor or something? This is some seriously scary stuff.
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Yes I really think so. You keep thinking the doctors are missing something, that is also typical. They dont.  And the equipments would find your problem if you had a problem.

  You as many many others under stress (we all are) when you think you have ...you might have heart problem after all you AGAIN getting the symptoms. And on and on…..

Have you ever try meditation?

  Picture your healthy heart! Lets celebrate it!!
I congratulate you!
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Also I am thinking what you said about family history. That is a big point in your mind I assume. It is understandable. But think that way, even if they had heart problems, it doesn’t mean you also will have.
Almost all my relatives’ had heart problem on one side and at around age 50 all the women died.  When I was telling that to my cardiologist, being in the hospital 8 years ago with seemed the same condition, they had back many years ago ….he said those were them, and this is I and I should concentrate on MY HEART!
Was he ever right? I had also heart failure like them.  I am doing ALL what I can do with my power NOW! I couldnt let that turn me down.

  My Best to you!
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You had a heart failure? Is it like something that's genetic?

Oh btw, was wondering if it's possible if someone is like, extremely underweight, can it cause the problems I posted above?
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