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Pvc and palp

I am 63, 4 yrs ago I had all the tests done, Halter, EKG, ultrasound, Echo, and stress test with the med.  Everything was normal.  I had the tests because I was having PVCs, the doc adjusted my BP meds, I take Diovan 160 hydrochlorthyazide 25 mg and metoprolol 25 mg x2 daily.  That solved problem no more PVCs or not that I noticed. Now 4 years later they are back, only when i lay or sit, doc did Ekg it was normal, said not to worry, well they are scary and wake me up and that all I think about.  Any ideas why they started or what to do. My BP IS good, my pulse is good, just driving me crazy.
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If your heart checks out the PVC's are most likely of no concern but they can be annoying. No one likes the feeling of their heart pausing, I know I don't. Thinking about them make it worse so try to keep your mind off of them. These things come and go. Mine will happen off and on for years and then just go away for a year or two, no one really knows why. Your heart has been proclaimed as healthy by your doctor so these things should not really have any significance.
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As erijon says, no one likes these things.  In fact, we hate them.

They are extremely common in that pretty much everyone has them.  But no one yet knows what causes them, or why they appear when they do, or how to cause them to stop.  It is known that once we have them, they tend to be a permanent feature, perhaps off and on, in our lives.

Once we have been assured by testing that our hearts are otherwise OK (true for most patients with PVCs), the trick is learning how to live with them.

I know that focusing on these sensations causes anxiety, which causes them to be more frequent.

Personally, I have found the best way to handle them is to see a good counselor, preferably a psychiatrist specializing in anxiety.  After all, the problem is not really with the heart--which can stand 'hiccups' and twitches as well as the rest of our bodies can--but with our attitude towards anticipation and fear.

A qualified shrink will help you find a way to deal with this and reclaim your life..
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