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Sharp pain in heart

I have sharp pain in my heart and back with numbness on my left side feel pains like needle on my arm and leg. Also feel nausea, slight headache and diziness. I also hqve stiffy neck and i am coughing what can it be. I am worried of heart attack, stroke or something serious pls help
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I recommend you to take 2-3 cloves of raw garlic everyday it can help to remove your bad cholesterol of your blood, this is very effective for protect heart  block , my brother in law take regularly garlic cloves and ginger slice and after few he find his artery block has remove automatically, I read an article about how to keep your heart healthy, which can help you to keep your heart healthy.
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Thank you will do that because now this is serious. I also want to consult and get check up.
Yes this is good to consult with your doctor immediately, but this post How to Prevent Heart Attack from Happening with Natural Way can help you.
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Sounds to me like a virus or infection.  I get similar symptoms with infection.  Suggest pcp evaluation.  Good luck.  
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Thanks will do that.
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Sharp pain lasting less than 1 minute?

And associated shortness of breath.
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