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Stress Test Results

I recently had an abnormal EKG that showed a LBBB. I was sent for a Lexiscan stress test and this was the conclusion:

Calculated post stress LVEF 51%. There was a medium sized mild to moderate, fixed defect in the basal anteroseptal, mid anteroseptal, apical anterior, apical septal, apex segments. Gated imaging under post stress conditions demonstrated mild hypokinesis of the apical anterior, apex segments; moderate hypokinesis of the basal inferoseptal, mid anteroseptal segments; severe hypokinesis of the basal anteroseptal, mid inferoseptal, apical septal segments.

I was started on Lopressor to slow my heart rate down and to lower my bp and am scheduled for an Angiogram next week. This past week I have been having chest pain in the center of my chest through to the middle of my back and my arms and legs feel like the circulation is being cut off. Any input on what I'm looking at would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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It sounds like your left coronary artery might have a blockage. That blockage isn't total, so no damage should occur. They will thread a catheter through your wrist or thigh to your heart and examine the blood vessels in detail. If possible, they will stent the blockage.
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Blockage seems to be what I come up with too. I just dont like the chest pain because it leaves you constantly worried something bad is going to happen.
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Have they given you a beta blocker (medication ending in LOL) and aspirin to take every day? It really helps. If the pain gets worse, go to the hospital because time becomes loss of heart muscle then.
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Yes the medicine they gave me is Metoprolol but they didn't say anything about taking aspirin. I'll try that. Thanks
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just a baby aspirin each day (75-80mg)
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