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Stress and Heart Disease


I am a Peace Officer currently working in a prison, and I recently had a heart attack with 3 stents placed in my L.A.D.

My question is..  Should I consider a new career.

After I engage in a fight or respond to a serious alarm or even have extreme emotional stess, I always have to take a nitro to get rid of the chest pain.  Now, every time I get in that fight or flight mode, I encounter chest pain.  It always goes away after I take a nitro, but I am wondering if I am playing with fire.
I have a wife and 2 young daughters I need to take care of and cant afford to take a risk.
I have been diagnosed with essential hypertension and hyperlipidemia.. what ever that is.

A concerned father
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Just my opinion here - since your job does involve some intense physical activity along with bursts of stress and your heart is no longer in perfect condition, it might be better to find a different job that is more predictable. Are there other law enforcement options open to you? I don't know what training and degrees you have but certainly there must be other places where you can use your skills.

Hypertension is high blood pressure and hyperlipidemia is high cholesterol. Both can be managed with proper diet and medication but your doctor has probably talked to you about that already.

Have you presented your question to your doctor? A cardio would have a better idea of what your heart can handle.
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I AGREE WITH  I ..100%  
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