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Systolic Hypertension/abnormal pulse pressure?

Hi. I am a 35 year old mom of two. I have always been in good shape and maintained a healthy weight. Since the birth of my now 2 year old son, I have put on about 20 pounds. I have noticed that I get tired more easily with exertion (such as carrying groceries or laundry up and down the steps) so I decided to join some fitness classes at my local gym. When the fitness trainer measured my blood pressure, it read 137/89. He informed me that the reading was a little high and that I might want to record measurements taken over several days. During a two week time span I checked my BP 8 times. WHen I averaged, what I came up with is 140/82 (It was actually 139.5/82). My highest systolic reading was 148 and my highest diastolic was 89. My pulse pressure (the difference between systolic and diastolic) falls between 50-60 with at least half of the readings being at 60. I read at a site online that this pulse pressure range is abnormal and could point to a cardiovascular problem. Although my mother does take blood pressure medication (for primary hypertension), she was 45 before she developed hypertension.Heart disease does not run in my family on either side for men or women. I am a nonsmoker. Should I see a doctor about these readings?
Should I have any tests done to check my heart health? I don't have any health insurance, and although I can probably afford to see a regular family physician, I don't think that I can afford alot of tests. If ANYONE here (doctor or other folks with similar experience) has any advice for me it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

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Pulse pressure sustained above 60 seems to be an indication or evidence of athrosclerosis (vessel loses its elasticity).  The vessel cannot expand normally when blood is pumped (systole...the higher number)) into them causing higher resistance for the heart to pump against.

Athrosclerosis is usually an older person's malady.
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Thanks for the advice. Since my pulse pressure hasnt been above 60, just between 50-60 and I am younger, I'm not going to worry too much about that then. Thanks for your advice.
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I would still like anyone's opinion regarding my BP average. Wondering if it's high enough to be worrined about or to see a doc about?
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