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Think I have PAD

Bit of a long story, but my whole life I always remember my legs getting tired quickly.  I was always on the chubby side until High School when I played some sports. College I entered ROTC and had to start running a lot which I actually maintained until I was in my 40's.  Then I got a masters in IT and started a sedentary occupation.  As I aged, I lost all the hair on my legs and the skin took on a shiny appearance.  A pharmacist gf said that was a sign of poor circulation.  Fast forward to COVID and starting to work from home becoming much more sedentary.  Then I really started to feel my legs - stiff and very heavy all the time, often not able to lift out of a stoop.  About a month ago, my little toe got a burning sensation and I thought I may have diabetes.  I got a blood glucose meter and tested multiple times (non fasting) and it was never over 110.  I started drinking beet juice for other reasons and immediately noticed my legs felt very much better, but my toe still 'burns'.  Am I on the right track for a circulation disorder, most likely PAD?
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