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Unintentional stopping on 400mg Toprol XL daily

I'm 63 and have been on beta blockers for nearly 30 years; Toprol XL 100 mg BID for about 9 years and on 200 mg BID for about 8 months.

More than a week ago I requested my pharmacy contact  my PC doc to refill my Rx. Two days ago I called my PC's office and still nothing. I had cut my dose to 1/2 about 4 days ago and took my last 100 mg. this morning. Even cutting my dose caused break-through chest pain which Nitrolingual  spray either got rid of it most of the time, unreal head aches, tiredness and just not feeling quite right and I have had two episodes of PAFIB within the past 3 days.
I've always been told not to abruptly stop a beta blocker so I hope you can understand my concern what will or could happen to me if I do not get a prescription refill in the soon?
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Hope you got your Toprolol refill by now, if not talk directly to the pharmacist to help get an immediate approval from your doctor.

I read you made a gradual cut back to extend the limited supply you had on hand.  That sounds reasonable to me.. and could be a good safe way to go.  But, given you symptoms I think it important that you put some "pressure" on the refill of your prescription.
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I had to make another call but ask if she was trying to kill me before I got a call back. I was told my PC doc called in a 1 month refill before the call was made but that ended up being a lie. When my husband picked it up there was 3 refills left.
Only problem, 2 full doses yet I am still having chest pain, dizziness and a few times of having a problem breathing causing me to cough.
IF not better by tomorrow I will go to a ER considering also my BP is high (153/95 this am when dizzy). Thanks for your reply
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Thank you for your reply and here is a quick note to say I feel much better now. All's well that ends well.
Be blessed and well,
theuniqueldy aka Loretta
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