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Unstable Angina and Nitro

A few weeks ago I had a heart attack... it was not caused by a blockage but by vaso-spasms related to unstable angina and I was placed on medications to try to manage this. (As per the Hospital Cardiologist after a heart cath)

One of the meds I was given was sublingual nitroglycerin and I have had to use it many times so far (I only use it when the chest pains last longer than 20-30 minutes or get really bad).

I do not have insurance and cannot afford to see a Cardiologist but I was wondering how often people usually have to use nitroglycerin.
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I also had this problem the doc. put me on a calcium channel blocker and fast acting nitro.  I also have 3 valves that regurgitate, mild dilatition of the right ventricular the right atrium LVEDP mildly increased RVSP mildly increased at rest and increased when exercising.  The calcium channel blocker makes my blood pressure on the low side and heart rate low around 4l.  I just started the meds. a couple of days ago.  I have a long way to go with all of these problems.  Hang in.  
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I had this problem, but the vasospasm was caused by a cath procedure. The Cardiologist put me onto calcium channel blockers which stopped the spasms and after a few weeks he took me off the medication. I've been fine since then. They had to do this because I can't tolerate nitrates.
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