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Urinary Tract

Blood and puss in urine - causes
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Ive had a urinary tract infection for going on 6 weeks now. Ive been treated over and over and nothing seems to be getting rid of it. I dont have a regular dr so I am relying on trips to the er to help me. I am now so sick with the infection that I am throwing up and am in so much pain. I have a very serious history of kidney stones as well which doesnt help much either. I just had my last stone removed about 3 weeks ago. Anyone have any ideas or have gone through this that could give me some advice. Sometimes I think Im smarter than the drs that I see....
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Most likely an urinary tract infection.  If you are a male, this is quite serious so seek medical attention.  The infection can move up to your kidneys quite quickly.  Urinary tract infection is not serious in females, but in males it is.
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