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Weird Chest Pain

For the past couple of months I have been having sharp pain that last for anywhere from 5 to 30 minutes. The pain starts in my chest into my back, through my throat and into the roof of my mouth. It is an incapacitating pain and even after the sharp pain leaves there is a dull pain that lingers. I thought that this pain was due to a really bad chest cold that I had suffered from but now that I am all cleared up the pain still comes at random times at least once a day.
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There is also the possibility that if you had a severe chest cold, that all of the coughing that you would have been doing may have resulted with you straining the muscles in your chest and be causing the pain that you are having. Sharp pain isn't a symptom of cardiac issues, it's actually the opposite, it's a dull, crushing type of pain. See the doctor to make sure your condition isn't getting worse as the above posters have also mentioned.
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You should have your chest listened to by a Dr if you have chest pain, just to make sure you haven't developed any pluresy (spelling wrong I know) or the start of something more serious like pneumonia. A friend of mine ignored his pain, ended up with double pneumonia in a few months and now has to sleep wearing a breathing mask attached to his face. Just a couple of mins with the Doctor is worth it.
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thank you for your reply. Yes I had a horrible chest cold a couple of months ago and that is when the sharp pain started. I hope that it is just the infection clearing up and nothing else. Thank you again
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If I understand your post, did you mean you just recoved from a bad chest cold?  The reason I ask is that 2 years ago I came down with a very severe case of pheumonia and had to be hospitalized for several days.  I had a stabbing pain for weeks after.  My chest X-ray at that time showed a gray area that is now gone, but the pain was coming from that same area.  Sometimes, even though we think an infection is gone it still takes time for everything to clear up.  Take care, Ally
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