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What heartrate is normal on 25mg of toprol XL for treatment of hypertension?

I've just been prescribed 25 mg Toprol xl for hypertension after giving 20mg liprinosil & 12.5 mg HCTZ a try for a month with not quite optimal results. I'm in my late 30s and in pretty good shape otherwise, been a runner for years, but my BP has been high for a while, especially in the Dr.'s office, up around 150/100, and I seem to have a very high adrenaline response. So I have been curious about beta blockers for that reason. On the liprinosil I could just about control my systolic pressure, but my diastolic pressure wouldn't really go below the high 80s or low 90s.

After about a week on the toprol my BP is down around 125/85 or so, but my heartrate in now down to 50 bpm, sometimes in the upper 40s. I haven't had a ton of symptoms other than some mild chest discomfort, but that may just be anxiety.

Should be concerned about my low heartrate at such a small dosage? Heartrate hasn't been a major issue for me before, was generally normal even when my BP was very high.

And are there any specific medication recommendations for treatment resistant diastolic BP?

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