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i am a 40 year old female and the last 2 months have been experiencing strange heartbeats strong and fast, and at the same time a thumping pressure in the middle of my head.
its becoming more frequent, can anyone help
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Have you been to the doc? I had SVT (Supraventricular tachycardia) which is a fast heart rate. It makes you feel out of breath, like you might pass out, and like your running a marathon. I had it since I was a child and finally had heart ablation surgery to fix it. They do have meds that help control it. Usually beta blockers (blood pressure meds). I still have heart palps which feel like your heart is skipping beats but they are common and they tell me harmless. You should probably see a heart doctor to have this diagnosed.

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Hi Subree, im in the same boat, just turned 39 and ive started getting extra beats over the last 3 months, just now and again, until they became chronic and I went to the doctor and had the ekg. MIne are PAC's premature atrial complexies or "superventricular complexies". Apparently benign though they terrify me and I cant sleep...  You should get checked anyway to give your self some peace of mind. The EKG is a quick painless experience done in your doctors office and can detect any significant abnormalities of the heart.
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