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my father having hernia problem, he had heart blockages too 90,99,90%  we come to know in an geography, we don't want to do bypass sugary but want to do hernia operation whether it is suitable for him??? please suggest his age is 65 yrs, BP normal, no sugar,
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The heart issue in my opinion is far more dangerous than the hernia problem, unless the intestine is already pinched.  I agree with Ed.  Also, the hernia surgery will put additional strain on an obviously weakened heart.  
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Why have you decided against bypass surgery? blockages of 90,99,90% are severe and he could end up with a lot of dead heart muscle, causing heart failure. If the hernia isn't causing major problems, I would leave it alone. In many cases surgery isn't a long term fix. Just coughing can cause the muscle to re-open and cause the hernia again. I have a small one and the recommendation was to leave it alone.
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