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ok to give antibiotics after tooth extraction for kid with innocent heart murmur?

My 6 years old daughter just had her 3 teeth extracted, she got a innocent heart murmur since birth. I forgot to give her the antibiotics before the procedure, at the dentist they didn’t ask me either. But when i come home I remember and i give her the antibiotics right away. My question is, is it still ok to give her the antibiotics after the procedure? Can it still prevent Endocarditis? Thanks
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Yes it still can.  But check with her pediatrician to safe.
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Thank you so much, I was really worried and wasn’t able to sleep all night.
Oh, please dont worry... chance of infection is already low... and some physicians actually only start antibiotics post procedure... I think she'll be good to go!
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I'm  not  sure  Why   you   werent   giving her  The  ANtibiotics   for  several days  Prior to the  extractions  It sounds   to me  That  The  Dentist did  What they felt was ok  after the fact...   I  was  recently  given  3  500mg. amoxicillin a day for  6  days  before an adult  Pt.  I dont know  I was told  warm salt water     for the  1st  couple days  as well .   Keep in Mind  that  the sockets  are  Openings  directly  to  the Blood Stream and  is Literally  inches   away  from  the  heart  meaning   The body  Hardly has Time to attack infection... I'm sure  she'll be  great ,  I was born with a Murmur myself  and  am back to being a Regular  Vascular  Nightmare  for My Docs , after  10 years   recovering from  Aortic  dissection and  anuerysms  behind my  knees  3 years   afib  which  was fixed  4  months ago... believe me use caution  on extractions  and   huge cavities
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