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Endocarditis worry

Recently had an abscessed tooth which I didn't take care of promptly. I had the abscess for about two months before they pulled the tooth one week ago.
I started having chest/heart pain about 2 to 3 weeks ago.

Got bloodwork done a week ago. The only abnormality was a CRP at 6.2. My WBC 7.2 and RBC 5.2 were withing normal  range. My SED rate was 1. I know with endocarditis you can have normal bloodwork and still have the infection.

The pain is not severe but it's def there. My BP and heart rate are normal. Had a couple of days were I woke up slightly sweaty. But I have been extremely anxious during all this. Maybe one day of chills. I check my temp often and haven't had a fever. Going to cardios office this Tuesday. Going to try and set up a TEE. I know that's the go to test. Taking an EKG first. I know that won't tell me if I have an infection but would endocarditis show an abnormal result in the EKG?

Do my symptoms sound like endocarditis?

Thanks in advance...
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