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what are ones chances of developing arvc?

i am a terrible cardiophobiac and worry a lot about myocarditis and arvc/d.
i know the two are linked somewhat, with the fatty fibrous ending.

i have had 2 x echo scans, 4 years apart for various reasons. all said to be normal
i have had 1 x bruce protocol exercise test 3 years ago, with good results
i have had 3 x screening ecg's at cardiac risk in the young events read by top, top cardiologists
i have had almost 100 spot checks via resting ecg's on my heart (i have my own ecg machine!)

i still worry about myocarditis/endocarditis whenever i have a virus or cold and dental treatment. this is something i have to learn to deal with as it will ALWAYS be a possibility, for anybody in the world!.

i still worry a lot about arrythmogenic cardiomyopathy!. i dont know why, its not in my family tree, nor have i ever collapsed or fainted. the only NON specific symptoms ive had are the usual pvc's/pac's. the only reason it niggles at me is because of some ecg printouts in the past. it looks like a very very very small waveform at the end of my QRS, said to be an epsilon wave. i cant work out if its a J point or j wave though. (if you'd like to view it just message me and ill be happy to upload a google drive link for you)
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