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whats the problem with my heart? as a refugee i cant see a doctor

i had pain in my stomach, difficulty breathing, and then i had strong pain in my hands and feet
i feel heart pain (top and bottom of my heart)
it increases at night, i can't even sleep, and in the morning

now it decreased, but i feel heart pain and dizziness when i work a lot or walk uphill, so much i need to spend the whole day in bed
i also feel heart pain and dizziness when i eat something heavy

i went to the hospital and did these tests:
but since i am a refugee, i cannot see a heart doctor, only a general doctor :/ so could anyone help me with this?
thank you very much!
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What tests did you do?

Your going to need specialists!
Please read my message
I dont know how to help you with proper data.

Are you doing any better?
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