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worried about my heart pausing

About a month ago my heart started skipping beats or pausing, then it will pump hard and go back to normal, this happens through out the day off and on. some days it doesnt even happen. the past week or so its been real frequent..any idea what might be causing this? should i get checked out by a doctor?
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I have a similar condition.

What you have is probably not serious at all, and will probably go away if you treat you body right.

Have you started drinking a lot of alcohol?

Do you eat large meals? Do you eat healthy meals?

Do you exercise?

For me... alcohol, and overeating are the largest contributors to palpitations. I look at as a fortunate thing that I get these palpitations, it's a reminder that   I'm not treating my body well and it's causing harm.  

Take care of yourself!
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hey man! I'm 19 here and have been dealing with my heart doing exactly what you're saying since I was 15.  I have had 3 echoes, an MRI, countless EKG's, One Signal Averaged ECG and lots and lots of blood work and they've all come back normal.  Well my ECG's have all come back abnormal with ST segment things wrong and Incomplete Right Bundle Branch Block on 2 of them and my Signal Averaged ECG came out abnormal (probably a false positive though).  Regardless, I have been reassured over and over again that I am fine by all my test and they're all normal. So if you go get tested and have normal results, which I'm sure you will, you'll be fine. I've been living with this and a fast sinus tachycardia for years now!!!
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Hi, I'm now 33 years old and have been plagued with what my doctor calls "PVCs".  It's like my heart pauses, then beats really hard.  Sometimes they come 3-5 in a row--which feels like I'm losing contro.  Usually however, they come and go without giving me much trouble, but lately I've had episode after episode.  They seem to get worse when I'm stressed out-as my current episode began after an argument with a co-worker.  They are quite scary, although I've been told that they are benign. Sometimes I feel like my heart isn't going  to get a regular beat and then what?  They seem worse when I breathe in, or sit a certain way.  Even certain movements seem to induce them.  I'm thankful for the times that I don't feel "the big ones", which I have to say is most of the time.  But, I know when I do feel them, they seem to go on forever.  However, I've had them for about 10 years and so I guess my doctor knows what he's talking about.  I'm sorry you had to get them at such a young age--lots to look forward to.  Hopefully you'll go through life with feeling fewer and fewer.  I guess that's all we can really pray for.  
Take care!
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im 18 by the way
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Nuh uh

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