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Allergy meds recommendations/heart arrhythmias

Can anyone recommend an allergy med that works well and
would not interfere with arryhthmias or pvc's?
Claritin seems to not effect my heart but does nothing for
my allergies, Zyrtec seemed to have caused svt's
Any suggestions?
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I take Allegra manufactured by Aventis Canada Inc., Laval, Quebec.  I don't know what the brand name in the US - it could be the same as Canada ... anyhow, I don't have any problems with it ...
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Aerius (desloratadin) works excellent for me.

Zyrtec is, in my opinion, crap and causes a lot of tachycardias. I also get annoying tremors when I suddely awake the moment I fall asleep (also caused by Zyrtec).

Another advantage with Aerius is that it doesn't interact with alcohol (probably not a big medical concern, but it's nice to get a beer now and then:)
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I'm really confused about this. My ENT told me I shouldn't take Allegra anymore, nor Claritin, nor Aerius or Zyrtec. Also, no Sudafed and ones like that. He said I really shouldn't take anything with a heart arrhythmia, except to use a saline nasal spray from the pharmacy. That doesn't do much, but is better than nothing.  When I get congested, my ears plug and I get dizzy. I really wish I felt I could safely take something, but am afraid to do so.
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That was a bit weird I think. There must be something you can use?

I guess it depends on the arrhythmia. Some of the allergy meds (especially the old, non-selective ones such as terfenadine and hydroxyzine) can prolong heart repolarization (QT time) and cannot/should not be used with antiarrhythmic drugs or certain antibiotic drugs, or if someone has prolonged QT time on EKG.

The sedative allergy meds are most likely to cause tachycardia (I think.. my knowledge about this is a bit low.. but I'm suffering from allergy and I've tried most of them..) In my opinion, Zyrtec and Atarax are the worst. But we are all different. I guess it depends on the arrhythmia. If you have a little sinus tach or a PAC now and then, I guess it's better to cure allergy. If you have LQTS or similar, it's a bit different..
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