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Are these palpitations or something else?

Ok so as of late I have been getting what I believe are palpitations. I could be sitting and BAM! Out of nowhere comes this pounding sensation in my throat  and I can't breathe for the duration of it. They usually last about 5 seconds but they're absolutely terrifying because they have no warnings. They happen about a week apart and usually happen when I'm resting, sitting, or talking. I had one today and I felt it hopping in my throat. I panic now whenever I go out because I'm scared I'll get one while driving or anything dangerous. I got an EKG and it came back normal so i thought maybe it was anemia since I'm a 20 year old vegetarian female but I have increased my iron and I  still got one today. I remember having these as a kid around twice a year but always shook them off until recently that they have increased. Anyone have any idea what they could be? I'm terrified.
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What had your doctor suggested you do? I am new to all this and sure others are better at advice..but I think you need to find out exactly what it is-it may be best to return to the doctor and explain what is wrong, he may suggest you go on a 10 day heart monitor. I had at first gone on a 24 hour, the doctor told me, I was fine..but it wasn't till I went for a second opinion that he had put me on a 10 day and it was able to pick up a few things. I can tell you thru all this what has helped me greatly was the Valsa maneuver, also lay on the ground with your legs up the wall, for a good twenty minutes. When I am having an episode, this really helps me a lot.
Also the last week, I have been getting into essential oils. Lavender and Bergamot, I sniff and it helps with the anxiety. Calming lotions also help.

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