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Been on heart monitor over 30 days, not picking up skips.

I would usually have a skip every now and again, but since this past Monday, I have been having skips like crazy and was so happy that I had a monitor on to record it all.  I called the doctor today and asked what I should do.  She said there was NO skipping this whole time I had it on.  There are points where I was having 15 skips a minute and sometimes up to 5 in a row!  She said oh, you just had an elevated heart rate.  I am using a MediLynx Pocket ECG that uses bluetooth to transmit.  Is there a possibility of this failing?  I am usually around bluetooth devices and electronics.  Is it possible it could be interfering?

I am so sad, I finally had proof, and it's not showing up :(  Any advice appreciated :(
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Same happened to me as I wore an automatic Cellular-transmitting 30 day monitor.  My heart rate skips/drops were never seen by my Cardio Electro-Physiologist.  I simultaneously wore my own optical pulse reader during exercise.  My optical pulse reader indicated 50% heart rate drops at the exact same time that I felt weak legs, for up to 1 minute at a time.  I had HR drops, during exercise, from about 150 to 75 bpm.  Later, I even called the event monitoring center and asked if they received an automatically transmitted event, at the exact time, while this happened.  They always answered "yes".  Then, after the 30-day monitoring period, when I went to my EP appointment, he said he didn't see any heart rate drops recorded by the event monitor.  I confirmed tremendous heart rate drops (50%) by taking my own pulse and also using the optical pulse reader.  For me, it was a waste of time, money, and a lot of trouble ,using the 30-day event monitor.
You wrote about wasting money. How much did it cost?
You wrote about wasting money. How much did it cost?
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I've had this thing on for 34 days now, and they tell me I did not have one single PVC/PAC, even though a normal person has them.  The awful runs have been going on all week too.  Not sure what to do. EP didn't say much because "nothing" is happening.
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I think these things do fail, and sometimes I think their systems that match times together are messed up too.  The medical folks miss it too, they're just not paying attention or aren't good at going through the data.  yep, happens more than you would want to know about.

I know because I've been on and off various monitors.  I've caught skips on like EKGs and there was no denying it.  I've also felt those same exact sensations on holter monitors and told it didn't pick anything up.

Frustrating, crappy equipment, and their user errors.  And insurance will still pay them for that crappy service....so the cycle continues.
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